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What happens when you lose your job on an H-1B visa?

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2023 | Nonimmigrant Visas |

An H-1B visa, sponsored by your employer, permits you to stay in the United States as long as your employment status remains the same. When your employment status changes, your right to stay in the country may change as well.

Understand what it means for your H-1B visa status in the country if you lose your job.

What restrictions apply to an H-1B visa?

Receiving an H-1B visa locks you into employment with the company that sponsors your visa. The application also details the hours you will work and the location where that work happens.

What happens when you lose your job on an H-1B visa?

Losing your job places you in violation of your visa terms. At that point, you have a legal obligation to leave the United States.

How long do you have before you have to leave the country?

The United States immigration laws create allowances for job termination with an H-1B visa. You have up to 60 days to leave the country after your termination, or until your visa expires, whichever comes first.

Do you have any other options?

Returning to your home country is not the only choice when you lose your job on an H-1B visa. If you can find another job before the 60-day period runs out, your new employer can file an application for a new H-1B visa under their sponsorship. Alternatively, you could apply for a change of status, but you need to file that application before the end of that period.

Protect yourself from violating your visa terms and protect your right to return to the country when you understand these facts.