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Factors potentially causing delays in naturalization applications

On Behalf of | May 26, 2023 | Immigration Law |

The journey to becoming a United States citizen is often a long and complex process. The last step in this journey, the naturalization application, can sometimes come with unexpected delays.

Applicants may find themselves waiting for extended periods without a clear understanding of the cause of these delays. Here are some potential reasons the ISCIS could delay an application.

Incomplete application or documentation

One of the most common causes of delay in the naturalization process is an incomplete application or missing documentation. USCIS requires a thorough set of documents to process a naturalization application. Missing information or documents can lead to requests for evidence, which subsequently extend the processing time.

Background and security checks

A significant part of the naturalization process involves conducting background and security checks. These checks are mandatory to ensure the applicant does not pose a security risk to the United States. If USCIS encounters issues while conducting these checks, such as discrepancies in the information provided or a criminal record, it may delay the application.

Errors in application

Even minor errors in the application can cause delays. Incorrectly filled forms or wrong information can lead USCIS to spend more time verifying the data, thus delaying the application.

Interview and language test delays

The naturalization process includes an interview and a language test. Scheduling these can sometimes take longer than expected due to high demand and limited availability. If an applicant fails the language test or the interview, they have to wait for a retest, which can further delay the process.

Navigating the naturalization process can be challenging, but understanding potential obstacles can make the path to citizenship smoother.