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How do job prospects help immigration applications?

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2023 | Immigration Law |

If you are filling out your green card application, you could use a job prospect to help things go faster. Congress established employment priorities to help both immigrants and the country.

The number of applications filed each year exceeds the demand our economy can support. Through a prioritized application system, those who bring value to the economy receive approval first. This is a benefit to our country, and employers often help immigrants with the process.

Application processes

Even though there are tiers, this does not mean immediate rejection for everyone else. Those who have family-based or employment-based motives move through the process more quickly. There are a limited number of green cards for each type of application. This also factors into immigration decisions.

The government has a monthly bulletin showing important application dates and information. It includes a breakdown by country as well as motive. The state department also shows the limit for applications approved in each category. This can help a person decide how to pursue their residency.

Immigration categories

There are five categories that make up employment-based priorities. The most important is education. In the higher priority categories, individuals need formal training or degrees. The lowest categories consider the value the individual brings. The breakdown includes:

  • Exceptional ability
  • Advanced degree
  • Skilled or professional labor
  • Special immigrants
  • Investors

These are general categories. Each one will have more specific requirements.

Seeking an employment-related visa can help advance your green card application. Those in the top preference categories have shorter wait times and face a lower likelihood of rejection.