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Getting ready for your asylum interview

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2022 | Asylum, Immigration Law |

Asylum is available for those who fear persecution in their home country based on protected elements, including political beliefs, ethnicity, gender identity or sexual orientation. Asylum requires an application and interview process, which can be overwhelming.

Prepare for your asylum interview in advance for the best chance of success.

Understand the asylum office instructions

The first step of your asylum application is reviewing the instructions from the asylum office. Your application and interview process must adhere to the instructions and immigration procedure. Make sure you fully understand the expectations and requirements before you fill out the paperwork.

Prepare for common questions

Many asylum interviews include some standard questions. Take time to prepare for those questions so you are not caught unaware. Some questions include if you have ever committed any harmful acts to anyone, if you have ever committed a crime and when you left your home country. You will also need to declare if you fear returning to your home country and, if so, why.

Practice your story

When you attend your asylum interview, you need to tell your story. Make sure you can tell the story clearly and articulate your fears and the reasons for them. Gather any documents and evidence that support the threat you face. Support your case as thoroughly as possible.

Most people seek asylum in the midst of frightening situations. If you have reason to fear your home country, apply for asylum and prepare for the interview process carefully. Approach your interview with confidence when you take time to prepare for it ahead of time.