Texas Senate Bill 4

In our neighbor state of Texas, the Senate Bill 4, or SB4, passed after 16 hours of debate. This bill will allow law enforcement officials to ask about a detainee’s immigration status. Police chiefs and sheriffs could face criminal charges if they don’t help the federal government enforce immigration laws.

Some believe that Senate Bill 4 or SB4 would fracture the necessary trust between a peace officer and the community he or she serves. This also places the people responsible for protecting and defending the community – the police – in a tough spot. If the police take federal dollars, people with families of mixed-immigration status may be reluctant to cooperate with officers.

Here are 5 points of concern about SB4:
1. It’s not just police who will enforce immigration
2. Officials can be removed for not complying with the law
3. It encourages people to turn in their local government or university officials
4. Victims and witnesses could be asked about their immigration status
5. It promises to defend those who are sued for complying with the law

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