Seeking Asylum in the US

Recently, the Trump administration began stepping up criminal prosecutions of people crossing the border without authorization, charging nearly everyone entering without papers with a federal misdemeanor. By doing so, under law, children entering the USA alongside adults fall under the care of the Office of Refugee Settlement, or ORR.

Homeland Security took 51,912 immigrants into custody, nearly three times the number detained in May 2017, when illegal immigration plummeted following Trump’s inauguration.

Are you seeking asylum? We can help. At the Law Office of Danna Young, P.A., in Little Rock, we are dedicated to helping individuals and families throughout Arkansas and the country who are being persecuted against.

You only have one year since your last entry to the United States to file a petition for asylum. Contact us right away for help.

Attorney Danna Young has more than 10 years of experience handling asylum cases. Our clients trust us to help with one of the most tragic experiences in their lives. You can trust us, too.

We Want To Find A Better Life For You
We care about you. We want to help you find a better life, free of persecution and pain. We pride ourselves on providing compassionate legal services. We know what you are going through, and we are here to help.

These are complex cases. Working with an experienced lawyer can help you understand your rights, the application process and what other options are available if your application is denied.

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Do not wait to contact us. We will start exploring your options right away. All consultations are in a safe and confidential environment. Call us today at 501-414-0264 or send us an email to schedule a consultation.

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