Protecting the Rights of Workers Worldwide

The State of Arkansas, The Arkansas Economic Development Commission (AEDC), does business with many countries around the world. Canada is Arkansas’s largest trading partner accounting for more than $1.2 billion in exports. Mexico is Arkansas’s second largest partner, with more than $836 million in goods exported from Arkansas. Arkansas has developed business relationships with Europe, Asia, Japan and Southeast Asia, and Latin America. These relationships produce jobs for both entities which results in immigration numbers increasing.

Most recently Arkansas has inked a deal with China that will bring 400 jobs and 20 million dollars to Little rock. The company is Suzhou Tianyuan Garments Company which primary focus is on casual and sport apparel, with clients including Adidas, Reebok and Armani.

The Danna Young Law firm works to help protect the rights of workers no matter how complex the issues.
We continue to represent employers in Little Rock and throughout Arkansas with a variety of employment issues involving:
• I-9 review and training
• Corporate compliance
• Contract and severance agreement review
• Unemployment compensation hearings
• EEOC complaints and mediations
• Department of Labor complaints and investigations
• Policy development
• Supervisor training

We understand state and federal employment laws and how they apply to your employees. We will help you create an environment that is fair to your employees and protects your company.

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For more information about the Arkansas International Business Report, click the link below.

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