As of March 18, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has suspended routine in-person services until at least April 1 to help slow the spread of COVID-19. USCIS staff will continue to perform duties that do not involve contact with the public. However, USCIS will provide emergency services for limited situations. To schedule an emergency appointment […]

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Impeachment & Immigration

As of Christmas 2019, The House of Representative has voted to impeach President Trump. The Trump Administration has dramatically slashed the number of refugees allowed into the U.S. to an all-time low, but the real number set to be admitted could be far lower than the official limit. 5,400 children have been separated from their […]

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Immigration vs. Executive Power

Immigration vs. Executive Power Dreamers are the people, college students, military service members, and workers in American corporations who came to the US as the children of undocumented immigrants, will know their outcome soon. The Supreme Court (SCOTUS) will hold hearings Nov. 12 to decide on the legality of the Trump Administration’s order on Deferred […]

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The Rights of Immigrants

Things immigrants should know upon arrival to the US: 1. Only go to an attorney or accredited representative if you have immigration questions 2. Lawyers must have a license to practice law – ask to see their law license 3. Accredited representatives have to be accredited and work for an agency recognized by the Board […]

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Family Separation Under Zero Tolerance

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on June 20 to stop the separations. The result has been nationwide confusion as lawyers and law enforcement officials struggle to comply with the zero tolerance policy that calls for arrests while courts have ruled that the children cannot be jailed for extended periods. Immigration matters can impact your […]

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Seeking Asylum in the US

Recently, the Trump administration began stepping up criminal prosecutions of people crossing the border without authorization, charging nearly everyone entering without papers with a federal misdemeanor. By doing so, under law, children entering the USA alongside adults fall under the care of the Office of Refugee Settlement, or ORR. Homeland Security took 51,912 immigrants into […]

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