Arkansas Bill 1552 & 1664 Support of DACA

Arkansas House Bill 1552 & 1664 Support of DACA

The 92nd General Assembly of the Arkansas State Legislature has passed two bills that gives deferred action for childhood arrivals, or DACA, recipients the chance for in-state tuition. Governor Asa Hutchinson signed House Bill 1552 grants nursing licenses to DACA students and House Bill 1684 grants in-state college tuition to those with DACA and other immigrant visas.

The bills will allow people with “nontraditional immigration status,” like work permits, DACA, or those immigrating from the Marshall Islands, a chance to receive in-state tuition in an attempt to make higher education more affordable.

To read the HB bill 1552 click here!

To read the HB bill 1684 click here!

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